1. Through Cabinet Division Notification No. CD-4/1/94-Rules/23(100), dated 25 March 1998, Energy and Mineral Resources Division and Power Division were created under Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources to cater to the need for more specialized intervention in power and energy sector.
  2. Energy and Mineral Resources Division is entrusted with the responsibilities to formulate all policies related to Natural Gas, Liquid Petroleum and Mineral Resources.
  3. Related policies and administrative control over Petrobangla, Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation, Geological Survey of Bangladesh, Bureau of Mineral Development, Department of Explosives, Bangladesh Petroleum Institute and Hydrocarbon Unit.
  4. Energy and Mineral Resources Division through Petrobangla and its Companies performing the exploration and development of gas, oil and coal to meet up the growing energy demand of the country.
  5. Energy and Mineral Resources Division with support of Petrobangla finalizes Profit Sharing Contracts (PSC) with IOC's.

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